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What To Expect From A Laser Fungal Nail Treatment?

What is a laser treatment for fungal nail infection, and how does it work? In this method, a specialist applies heat to the infected area using a laser to kill the fungi and stops regeneration. It is often the best choice in case the fungal infection is at an advanced stage.

Benefits Of A Laser Fungal Nail Treatment:

  1. It is a painless and quick process.

  2. Laser treatment does not deform the nail. It removes the infection while keeping the toenails intact. Your infected nail also looks better after the treatment.

  3. It has a faster recovery time.

  4. It gives faster relief than all other processes like ointments, surgeries, etc.

  5. If you have a recurring problem, opt for laser treatment as it is simpler than surgery and offers long-term, permanent benefits.

However, it may be costlier than other fungal nail treatments. Additionally, although rare in some cases, there may be an incident of tissue damage. Nevertheless, if you are constantly suffering from fungal nail infection and want quick remission, then laser fungal nail treatment is an effective and easy solution.

So what signs help you identify that the laser fungal treatment was effective?

Here are four signs that indicate your toenail is healing after laser fungal nail treatment:

  1. White, yellow, and brown discolourations will disappear from the affected toenail.

  2. The new nail will grow without any deformation, bumps, or thickness. Moreover, the nail shape will not alter again.

  3. You notice that flaky debris on or under the toenail will reduce and eventually disappear.

  4. In case of a fungal nail infection, the nail bed detaches from the nail. However, after a fungal nail infection treatment, the nail bed also starts recovering.

Get The Best Fungal Nail Infection Treatment In London:

It is essential to consult podiatry experts if the pain from ingrown toenails or fungal nail infections persists. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications. At Foot Clinic London, our expert doctors pay close attention to your issues and find the best solution in no time. They also provide aftercare tips that fasten the healing process, so you can get the most out of your fungal nail treatment and return to your painless and worry-free everyday life. Put an end to the painful fungal nail infection and talk to our podiatry experts today!

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