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Treatments Options

The Best Treatment For You

At the Harley Street Clinic, we recommend the treatment that is best for you. We combined treatment to provide the best results for you. Our packages are recommended according to our patient's medical history and severity of infection. Get in touch to know more about fungal nail treatment.

Over the counter medication or prescribed topical medications  


Name of medicine: Penlac, Curnail, Clotriamzole, Tea tree, Terbinafine creams.


How does it work? Most work by damaging the cell wall of the fungus, which causes the fungal cell to die. Some changes the PH level of the fungus and leading it to cell death. 


Success rate? 30% to 65 for mild infection. Infection on the tip of the nail.


Potential side effects: Most patients experience no side effects but some have skin irriations.

Spray Liquid

Oral Anti-fungal Medicine for Fungal Nail Infections  

All of these medicines are by prescription only

Name of medicine: Terbinafine, Fluconazole, Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, griseofulvi

How does it work? Most work by damaging the cell wall of the fungus, which causes the fungal cell to die. 
Success rate? 50% 

Potential side effects: Terbinafine and azoles may cause liver damage or failure, requiring a liver transplant within 2% of the population that takes it.  Our practitioner will recommend a blood test to check your kidney and liver function before taking them.

Laser Treatments


Name of lasers: Pinpointe, Cutera, Podlase, ARC laser = (Nd Yag laser) Lunula Laser and PodiLase (Dualwave lasers)

How does it work? The laser beams and heat energy targets the cell wall of the fungus directly and therefore causing cell death. The Lunula Laser increases blood flow to the nail increase nail growth and strengthen nail.

Success rate? Research paper indicates that laser treatment can be 70% to 98% effective.

Potential side effects: With Nd Yag Laser, treatment may be painful due to the build up on heat energy.

Nail Surgery

The procedure: The area of the toe that is operated will be numb by using local anaestic. The infected section of the nail will be removed and the nail bed will be cleared.  The nail will grow back. (Graphic video - BEAWARE)

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