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Toenail Fungus Cure

Fungal Nail Treatment Options

The Harley Medical Foot Clinic and Nail Laser Clinic London Team is proud to have doctors and podiatrist treating you for your fungal toenail treatment:


We do understand that our body is very complex and to treat any body part, one should have thorough knowledge of all body parts. Slight mistake can make you handicapped. Therefore, unlike other clinics, where assistants and beauticians offer toenail fungus treatment, we believe in providing treatment by doctors. 


Our team is one of the best team in London offering treatment in toenail fungus. This treatment can be very painful but we have facilities in where we offer painless treatment for toenail fungus cure. 


Our toe nail fungus treatments are suitable for children, men and women. Most of our patients see results in just three sessions of the treatment. We are proud to offer Lunula laser therapy and Podilase which it touchless and painless therapy to increase the success rate of the treatment, which also offers thorough show sterilization and the best part of the treatment is that it is non invasive. It uses low level laser light to treat foot fungus. It has no downtime and no risk involved at all. This therapy is proven and highly effective. 


The Harley Medical Foot and Nail Laser Clinic offer a no commitment consultation to all our clients. Our team had about 20 years of rich experience. You can visit us and know our team and know your doctor before you go ahead with the treatment for toenail fungus. We make sure you are comfortable while taking sessions at our clinic as most of the patients are very scared when they have problems with nails. We are happy to say that all our clients are very happy and satisfied after the treatment and they refer our clinic to their friends as well.

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