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Marion Yau

Marion Yau & Her Team

Marion Yau (Consultant)

Marion Yau (Principle Podiatrist and Nail Surgery Expert)


Miss Marion Yau. BSc (Hons) in Podiatric Medicine, MSc (distinction) in Podiatry, Diploma in Marigold Therapy for the use in the lower limb. Professional Doctorate in Health Science. (Thesis: The current use of laser therapies for the treatment of nail infections)

Award 2014
Award 2016
Award 2017
Marion Yau

Marion Yau presenting fungal laser research at the International Congress of Podiatry

Our Team Works

With You

Our award winning Podiatric team (BSc in Podiatric Medicine, MSc in Podiatry, MSc in Health Research (Fungal Infections) have a wealth of experience in treating nail infections and toenail fungus cure and has treated nearly 3000 very satisfied patients.


The majority of our clients have shown immediate improvement after their first foot and nail fungus treatment. The team has the rich experience in fungal nail treatment, green nail infection, thickened nails, pigmented nails, damaged nails, nails that have been hurt by trauma such as dancing and ingrown toenails and Podiatry medicine.


The ONLY clinic in London that works together with general practitioner, nutritionist, Podiatrist and internationally recognised podiatric nail surgery practitioner Marion Yau to fight against complicated fungal foot and nail cases.

Career & Academic Profile

Miss Marion Yau is experienced in the use of hot and cold laser therapy for fungal nail infections. With over 10 years of experience in the podiatric field and 14 years in medicine, Marion is one of the first ever podiatrists to use the Lunula Cold Laser for the treatment of fungal nail infections. She also has experience with many different type of lasers including the PinPointe Laser (Nd Yag: 1064 nm) and PodiLaser (Diode Laser with multiple wavelengths). Furthermore, she integrates the use of oral medications and surgery (where necessary) for optimal results. Unlikely some podiatrist. Marion perform nail surgery on a weekly basis and have removed hundreds of nails. 


Before joining the Harley Street Medical Foot and Nail Laser Clinic, Marion was an associate in the London Nail Laser Clinic. She left the clinic to explore other alternative treatments to increase the success for the treatment of fungal nail infection. Over the years, Marion has developed her own protocols and treatment plans and therefore has  a high  success rate having treated thousands of patients over her career, including celebrities, athletes, political figures, polar explorers, actors and musicians.

Marion Yau with Dr Gupta

Marion Yau with renown Professor Dr Gupta in San Deigo before presenting her finding on nail surgery.

Marion is the Chief Investigator for The Fungal Nail Laser Clinical Trial Project. She has attended the training for Good Clinical Practice and Regulatory Requirements for Clinical Trials and promotes the ethical and scientific quality for clinical research within the clinic. Marion is the the onlly Podiatrist pursuing a doctorate on laser therapy for the treatment of onychomycosis (fungal nail infections). She is being mentored by Professor Malcolm Richardson; a famous clinical mycologist Consultant and honorary Professor of the University of Manchester.
Marion is also a peer reviewer for academic papers in the Journal of  the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

In 2008, create M.Y Health Foot Clinic and M.Y Health water based polish as she discovered there was a need for an healthy alternative nail polish for people with fungal nail infection and other medical illnesses. 
In 2010, became an associate at the London Nail Laser Clinic.
In 2011, completed a Master in Podiatry (Distinction).
In 2013, Lead Podiatrist for the Harley Medical Services: Foot and Nail Laser Clinic.
In 2014, Marion lead her team  to win the Whatclinic Customer Service Award 2014.
In 2014, she completed a Masters in Health Research and is working with the National Diabetes organisation to increase awareness of fungal nail infections.
In 2014, pursue a  professional doctorate with an interest in nail laser treatment (2015), histology examination of infected nails (2016), quality of life reduction in people with onychomycosis (2016) and the risk factors contributing to fungal nail infection (2017).
In 2015, Marion lead her  team to win the Whatclinic Customer Service Award 2016.
In 2016, Marion became the Podiatrist Specialist for the Centre for Surgery based in Harley Street. She has a commitment to excellence, ensuring her patients are given the best quality treatments and procedures.
In 2016, featured Podiatrist on Men's Health on nail disorders.
In 2017, Marion lead her team to win the Whatclinic Customer Service Award 2017.
In 2017, Marion lead her team on Channel 5* to perform nail surgery on discolored nails. Watch TV appearance here.
In 2017, Marion was a key speaker in a Master Session on Energry- Based Treatment for Onychomycosis with renown professor Dr. A.K Gupta whom have written over 600 journals on fungus and and renown author Dr Keyvan Nouri from the University of Miami and author on various laser treatment books such  Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine.
In 2017, presented her findings on nail surgery for the treatment of  fungal nail infection in the American Society of Laser, Medicine and Surgery. 
In 2017, working together with University of College London Scientist on their project on identifying onychomycosis. 
In 2017, In the final stages for ethical approval for her study on the associated factors that affect nail treatment outcome

In 2018, Won Customer Service award 2018 from

In 2018, Presented on "The Effective Treatment  For Fungal Nail Infection" at the Primary Care conference in front of doctor, nurses, podiatrist and other allied health professional.

In 2018, started youtube Channel "Miss Foot Fixer" to educate the public on foot and nail health. Watch youtube video here:

in 2018,   Invited to write for the "The  Pharmaceutical Journals, an official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on 'How to effectively treat fungal nail infections'. Published CPD paper: Read Paper Here:

In 2019, Invited and Interviewed on  The Doctors (CBS) USA  Ingrown Toenail Treatment.  Watch: here

In 2020, Truly presented Miss Foot Fixer (Marion Yau) TV documentary: Watch here

In 2020, In 2019, Won Customer Service award 2019 from

In 2020, Invited to be key speaker at the Infectious disease 2020 conference: The Management of  Bacterial Infection in the nail

In 2021, Podiatrist and Foot Expert on BBC Morning Live (BBC1): Watch here

In 2021, Won Customer Service award  from

In 2022, Won Customer Service award from

 In 2023, Won Customer Service award from

In 2024, Host and Podiatrist of "The Bad Foot Clinic" with Warner Bros Discovery and 12 Yards Productions, REALLY Channel,  Amazon Prime, Sky and Apple TV 

Marions's Team

Marion Yau with Olympic Athlete

Marions's Team

General Practitioners (Medical and Medication review)

Dr. S. James

Dr. T. Goodwill

Dr. Bhatti

Dr Kenny (Advisor)


Specialist Podiatrist in Skin Surgery and Biomechanics 

Joe Olivelle 



Victoria Tyler has a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Medicine and is a leading expert in Candida infection and nutrition. She specialises in the treatment of systemic yeast overgrowth, including Candida Albicans. She has a keen interest in helping patients with fungal toenail infections, skin infections and gut infection arising from yeast overgrowth.


Podiatry Assistant

Stephenie Siu,  Helen O

Stephenie and Quynh provide laser treatments under the supervision of Marion Yau. They are both trained extensively to provide laser treatment for our clients.

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