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Our Clinic have been given 5 stars by many of our patients 5 Stars 5 Stars 4.9 Stars 4.8 Stars 5 Stars 4.9 Stars
Alexandra jandosek
Marion was great. I got a very professional treatment and explanation of my condition. I feel much better and know how to deal with my foot problems. reasonable price as well. Definitely recommended :)
Kirti Kumar
I had an excellent experience at Marion's clinic. I've seen Marion for a couple of times now and every time I go to the clinic it's always a friendly atmosphere. She is very professional and gives me a thorough checkup, god.
Belgin Sen
Marion is very professional and friendly. She explains everything very clear and transparent. I can recommend her to everyone!!!
Shahaab Bhatti
I was really impressed with Marion's skill and caring approach. I would highly recommend her services to all those who want professional podiatry in the heart of London.
"6 months on and my nails are brand new free from infection!"
 I am 25 years old and I have suffered with advanced fungal nail disease and athletes foot for the last 2 years which was beginning to affect my confidence and self esteem. I went to see Marion (having read excellent reviews) and she went through my options and explained that surgery was my only option if I wanted to completely get rid of the fungal nail infection. Marion put me through a strict and intensive programme which involved surgery, laser, oral medication and creams for my feet. But it was totally worth it! 6 months on and my nails are brand new free from infection! I would 100% recommend Marion. 

I would definitely recommend Marion. She is very professional and very knowledgable. I have been very happy with my results. Even 6 months on, we keep in touch and I send Marion pictures of my nails so she can track my progress! 
"A highly competent and professional podiatrist"
 I've had nail fungus for about 20 years before seeing Marion. Predominantly on my big toes who were looking bad and the fungus had also started spreading to adjacent toes. The way to think about this is that it requires some effort/focus for a limited amount of time in your life and the result will be great as long as you stick to the program - i.e. you must have the discipline to follow through otherwise it is pointless to even start the treatment as you will then most likely not get rid of the fungus. In terms of the treatment, the surgery was not painful. 

Marion is a highly competent and professional podiatrist and the only one (I saw two others prior to her) that managed to get rid of my nail fungus. Her bubbly personality makes the visits fun and she is very responsive to any questions. I would highly recommend her. 
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