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Our award winning Podiatric team (BSc in Podiatric Medicine, MSc in Podiatry, MSc in Health Research (Fungal Infections) have a wealth of experience in treating nail infections and toenail fungus cure and has treated nearly 3000 very satisfied patients.


The majority of our clients have shown immediate improvement after their first foot and nail fungus treatment. Marion Yau has a rich experience in fungal nail and ingrown toenail treatments. Marion’s team of Podiatrists, Foot Health Practitioners and Doctors have many years experience in Chiropody, foot health, Podiatry  and Podiatric Medicine. 


The ONLY clinic in London that works together with general practitioner, nutritionist, Podiatrist and internationally recognised podiatric nail surgery practitioner Marion Yau to fight against complicated fungal foot and nail cases.

Harley Street Fungal Nail Laser Treatment & Foot Clinic London

We are proud to provide the latest, state of the art "PAINLESS" laser technology and are the only centre in the UK with a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nutritionists, podiatrists and podiatry assistant. If you are looking for chiropody treatments or needs help in podiatry medicine like treatment for fungal nail infection and toenail fungus treatment in London, please contact us.

This Is The Only Clinic In London That Uses All Medical
Interventions To Treat Your Nail Infections.


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Many people experience foot and lower limb problems. As a podiatry practice in London, Marion Yau and her team of highly experienced professionals treat people experiencing a range of difficulties with their feet.

We offer practical and unbiased advice on how to best look after your feet so you can walk and run with comfort and ease. 

How This Chiropody London Clinic Can Help

Podiatrists are also sometimes referred to as chiropodists. However, podiatry is a more contemporary word for treating feet and their ailments. 


Apart from treating fungal nail and ingrown toenail problems, we also treat patients with blisters, wounds, itchy and smelly feet, sports injuries, hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet), thickened nails, dry skin feet, psoriasis nails and other conditions. 


We can also offer one-off advice and treatment, for example, advice about the correct footwear. We also provide tailor-made orthotics or insoles for your shoes. These can correct foot issues you may have when you walk, run or stand. They can also help if you suffer foot pain due to different medical conditions, such as arthritis and bursitis.


At our Chiropody London clinic, our aim is to offer all our patients the best clinical outcome and quality aftercare possible. 

After an initial assessment, we can offer a range of treatments that may include medication and more advanced treatment such as laser, surgery or prescribed medication. 

Our award-winning podiatric team in London will ensure you have all the information you need to take the following steps in your recovery. 

Contact us, and Marion Yau will respond to your enquiry.

Routine Podiatry & GP Service

We also provide routine treatments for Callus, Corns, ingrown nails, nail care, warts/verrucas treatments, gait analysis, prescription of orthotics and  general foot pain advice. Our GP Service can provide you with anti-fungal medications and look after your overall well being.

Our online store has a variety of remedies, medications, tools, healthy nail polishes for fungal nails and general foot and nail care. 

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Christopher Mbwakongo - Member of the GB Boxing Team

"The treatment I've received by Marion Yau Was excellent I was really pleased and happy with the service she provided which helped me a lot I would highly recommend this to anyone who has any problems with there feet Harley medical clinic is the place to be."

London, UK

Ben Saunders - Polar Explorer, holds world record for the longest solo Arctic journey

"After more than a decade of leading polar expeditions (and cramming my long-suffering feet into ski boots) my toenails have taken a bit of a beating, and I almost decided they were a lost cause before contacting Marion Yau. Marion's professionalism & expertise put me at ease straight away, after just two treatments & regular home care, the improvement is remarkable. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

London, UK

Christine Yau
Miss Hong Kong Pageant

"The treatment I was given by Harely Medical Clinic was fantastic. The practitoner try their very best to fixed my feet and make them presentable during my stay in London. I highly recommend them "

Hong Kong