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What Foot Problems Can be Cured by Podiatry in London

Feet problems are very common these days. Thanks to the rising levels of pollution and increased cases of diabetes, many people complain of having foot problems quite early in their life. While foot diseases apparently look non-severe, they can turn fatal if not treated on time by an expert podiatrist. There are many renowned podiatrists in the United Kingdom, but one of the most reliable clinics in the field of podiatry in London is The Foot and Nail Clinic in Harley Street. The experts in this clinic can treat any foot disease with the help of the latest advancements in medical science and technology.

What conditions can podiatrists treat?

A wide range of foot problems can be treated by a podiatry. A few of these ailments are-

Heel Pain:

Ill-fitted shoes can cause heel spurs. These, in turn, can cause heel pains. Other reasons for heel pains include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, etc. Podiatrists generally prescribe orthotics shoes or surgery.

Nail infections:

Nail infections commonly occur due to fungus. Sometimes, nails grow in the corner of the side of the toe leading to pain. In such cases, podiatrists perform treatment for fungal nail infections in London.


Each foot has more than thirty bone joints. With age and due to various other reasons, these joints experience tears, pain, inflammation etc. Podiatrists treat such arthritic pains by different methods. Sometimes they suggest medicines and physiotherapies, while sometimes, they recommend using medicated shoes and surgeries.

Sprains and Fractures:

You can get relief from pains and sprains we receive from injuries. Everyday activities might often cause fractures and sprains. Sportspersons often face these injuries. Podiatrists know how to treat these issues and heal you.

Diabetic foot:

Diabetic foot results from obstructed blood circulation in the feet, which causes nerve damage. In severe cases, doctors suggest amputation. But if you are in the primary or secondary stage, podiatrists can help you with its treatment.

Why should you visit podiatrists regularly?

Feet hold the entire body weight and help us maintain a balanced posture. Therefore, it is essential to take care of them and consult an expert for even the mildest of pain, sores, cuts, peeling of foot skin, warts, etc. For even fungal nail infections in London, now we have the best solution near us.

Visit The Foot and Nail Clinic for the best treatment in podiatry in London.

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