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What Are The Signs That The Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Is Working?

Did you get a laser fungal nail treatment in London, or will you book an appointment soon? Laser therapy for fungal nails is a standard and effective mode of treatment. It is painless, causes no blood loss, and requires zero downtime. The list of benefits of laser treatment is long, but how do you know it works?

The signs of improvement after a laser fungal nail treatment in London include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The infected toenail often turns yellow, brown or has a discolouration. You will know the treatment is working when these start to disappear. It is one of the first indications.

  2. As the affected area starts to heal, the flaky debris under the nail bed will reduce and start to clear up.

  3. The infected nail is often detached from the nail bed. It is known as onycholysis. Once the laser treatment starts to reverse the infection, the detachment will also begin to recover.

  4. Finally, the healed nail will grow back to its normal shape. There will be no bumps, thickness or deformities. The new nail will also have its old texture.

These four signs are clear indications that the fungus-infected nail has started to heal. But after the surgery, how can you speed up the healing process? Here are some things you must follow to recover quickly after the laser fungal nail treatment in London.

Following some tips recommended by the doctor can help you heal faster, avoid complications, and reduce the chances of another fungal infection. They are:

  1. Keeping the nails short and clean at all times.

  2. Not wearing old and sweaty shoes.

  3. Discarding nail paints, nail files and cutters unless they are not sanitised.

  4. Keeping the feet dry at all times.

  5. Sanitising the feet every day right after exercising.

  6. Not walking bare feet on the grass or any public places.

  7. Carrying extra socks if your feet sweat easily or you visit a damp place.

Foot Clinic London-Your One-Stop Destination For Ingrown Toenail Surgery In London:

Be it an ingrown toenail or a fungal infection, consult podiatry experts before it is too late. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications. At Foot Clinic London, we are committed to offering only the best treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our services or book an appointment!


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