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Tips to Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection

Updated: Mar 11

Fungal nail infections can get nasty very quickly. Not to forget, they are extremely painful, and you can even need surgery. The good news is you can avail yourself of the best fungal nail treatment from the best podiatry expert. However, how can you prevent a fungal nail infection before it gets too late? Let's take a look!

5 Tips To Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection:

  1. Keep your feet and nails dry: Do not keep your feet and nails wet. After a refreshing swim or a shower, pat dry the feet well, especially in between the fingers. If your feet get wet in the rain or puddle, clean them with a gentle soap to remove bacteria or fungal growth.

  2. Clip them regularly: Clipping your nails and cutting them short keeps them clean. Additionally, debris and dirt cannot accumulate under short nails. Therefore, fungi cannot grow on the nail bed. Remember to sanitise the clippers after every use.

  3. Protect against injury: Broken skin injured nail bed, or damaged skin around the nail often attracts fungus. In case you have an injury, cover it with bandages and apply ointment to quicken the healing process.

  4. Avoid fungal hotspots: Swimming pools, wet locker rooms, public showers, and gyms are hotspots for fungal infections. It is best not to walk bare feet in these areas. However, if you must, then rinse your feet with soap and water. You can also use a deodoriser and foot sprays.

  5. Throw out your stinky shoes: Wearing breathable shoes is a must, especially in humid areas, to prevent fungal infections. However, occasionally, you can wear tight-fitting shoes with a party dress or casual wear. These shoes get little to no air circulation, and when you sweat, the shoe can get wet and remain that way for a long time. Make sure to dry the shoe and use an anti-fungal spray. But once it starts to stink, there is no going back. Immediately throw them out because it has become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Find The Best Fungal Nail Treatment In London:

Remember, an untreated fungal nail infection can lead to severe troubles like excruciating pain, loss of the nail, etc. Lunula laser is a non-thermal and FDA-approved laser treatment that can offer immediate relief to those suffering from onychomy­cosis. Contact Foot Clinic London to explore our wide range of services.

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