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Tips by a Top Clinic of Podiatry in London for Avoiding Toe Fungus

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Toenail fungus not only looks unsightly, but it can also cause other skin issues. The fungal nail infection is a serious skin and nail problem, which if left untreated can not only cause permanent damage to the nail and nail bed, but also affect the surrounding skin.

For a comprehensive check-up, and expert treatment, you should visit our foot and nail clinic in London. We are the only clinic of Podiatry in London that offers a comprehensive treatment against complicated cases of fungal toenail infection by coordinating the efforts with general practitioners, podiatric surgery practitioner and nutritionist.

However, before you reach the stage where you have to come to us for a treatment, there are certain steps, which if you take, you can prevent toenail fungus altogether. These tips are provided by medical experts, and you can follow them confidently to avoid the painful and unsightly condition of the fungus toenail infection.

5 Ways in Which You Can Avoid Toenail Fungus

These are some of the steps that you can follow to avoid toenail fungus infection.

1. Do not share nail clippers: Fungal infection are highly contagious. Therefore, you should never share your nail clipper or nail file with somebody else. Furthermore, always cut your nails straight, all the way through. After cutting the nails, you should use nail file to smoothen out the rough edges. Before using the nail clipper, you should sanitise it properly. If you follow this routine, then your nails will remain healthy, and you may never need the fungal nail infection treatment in London.

2. Always wear proper fitting shoes: You must wear proper fitting shoes that provides breathable space for your foot. Experts advise that your toenail does not touch the shoe. There should be enough room in your shoe that allows your feet to breathe. The space in the shoe allows the air to easily circulate around your feet and keep it dry. It reduces the chance of fungus infection. Try to wear shoes made up of leather or canvas, as they provide a breathable environment for your feet.

3. Wear flip-flops in wet areas: You should wear flip- flops in wet areas, like shower or locker room. Flip-flop allows your feet to dry very quickly, which prevents fungus infection. Also, avoid wearing yesterday’s dirty and sweaty shoes. You should have more than one pair of shoes. This will allow you to dry one of them properly before using it.

4. Put anti fungal powder in your shoes: Putting antifungal powder regularly in your shoes will also prevent a visit to the clinic that provides Podiatry in London. You must regularly use anti bacterial spray in your shoes. Additionally, always wash your socks in hot water and change them after you wear them once.

5. Dry your feet: You should regularly wash and dry your feet before you go to bed. This will drastically reduce the chances of fungal infection of your toe.

If your feet are already infected, then make an appointment with our world-renowned Podiatry specialist. She has treated more than 3000 patients and offers the best fungal nail infection treatment in London.

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