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Ingrown Toenail Surgery in London- the Safest way to cure ingrown nail

Updated: Mar 5

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your toenail digging into the skin? It is because you have an ingrown toenail. It is a common condition where the nail side or corner of the toenail penetrates the soft flesh beneath. Ingrown toenails usually affect the big toe, resulting in pain, inflamed skin, swelling, and sometimes an infection. At the initial stage, you can take care of these nails. However, in case of complications, it is advised to get an ingrown toenail surgery in London.

What causes ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails can be caused by various daily habits, including:

  1. Specific nail care and grooming habits: Cutting the nails too short or filing the corners round can lead to an ingrown toenail.

  2. Engaging in sports and physical activities that require footwork and the feet sweating, making the nail and skin soft.

  3. Diabetes can lead to complexities and delayed healing in case of an ingrown toenail.

  4. Wearing closed shoes where the feet do not have much room to move or wearing feet-fitting shoes causes an ingrown toenail.

Some of these reasons also cause painful fungal nail infections, augmented by chronic illnesses. Fungal nail infection treatment in London employs the best practices and remedies to cure the condition.

How to prevent ingrown nails?

If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail or have started getting an infection, immediately consult a doctor and get an ingrown toenail surgery in London done.

Before it gets serious, here are three methods you can practice to avoid painful ingrown toenails:

Method 1: Choose shoes that fit you perfectly, i.e., neither tight nor loose. Avoid wearing closed shoes at all times. Instead, keep switching between open-toe heels or flats and closed-toe sneakers, pumps, crocs, etc.

Method 2: Have a proper nail hygiene routine where you clip your nails straight across using a small clipper. Do not cut them too short. Wash your feet to avoid getting fungal infections. Dry your feet so they are not sweaty. Moreover, do not leave your skin and nails moist. Getting pedicures from trained professionals can also prevent ingrown toenails.

Method 3: Avoid walking barefoot. Walk cautiously so as not to stub your toes. Wearing shoes or slippers around the house protects your feet from injuries, cracked heels, and ingrown toenails.

Final words:

Remember, an untreated ingrown toenail can lead to severe troubles like excruciating pain, swelling, difficulty walking and running, etc. Do not neglect it; opt for an ingrown toenail surgery in London.

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