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Safe Fungal Toenail Treatment In London For The Elderly

Fungal toenail infections have become an increasing problem in older adults. Experts opine that those over 60 years are more likely to get a fungal toenail infection than those who are young. Several reasons, such as immunosuppressive drugs or chemotherapies, can lead to such conditions. Although different courses of treatment are available, not all medications and methods will be suitable for an elderly patient. But why are aged patients more prone to such infections? Let’s find out the answer-

Why Are Toenail Infections Common Among Elderly People?

As one ages, blood circulation weakens in the distal extremities. This is the first probable cause of getting a fungal toenail infection. If such vulnerable patients frequently visit public pools, locker rooms or washrooms, they can quickly get infected. Their imbalanced immune system is also to be blamed.

These patients also take prescribed immunosuppressive drugs for nonmalignant diseases or undergo chemotherapy that leads to the infection. Similarly, diabetes is a life-threatening peril that can lead to such infections. The truth is a common infection-causing source poses a high risk for elderly patients since they are already affected by various health conditions.

What Are The Risks Of Toenail Infections In The Aged?

Fungal toenail infection is not life-threatening. But in an older patient, it can give rise to various complications if not treated early. Nail infections can cause extreme discomfort and pain, lessening their mobility. Patients in the older age group suffer from various lifestyle diseases like high blood sugar or blood pressure.

Fungal toenail infection treatment often becomes ineffective for those with a debilitated immune system. Diabetes also slows down the healing process, or the infection becomes recurring. Other medications can also aggravate the infection. Therefore, people in the older age group should seek immediate consultation from expert podiatrists.

Find The Safest Fungal Toenail Treatment In London For The Elderly:

Treating a fungal toenail infection in the elderly is more complicated than treating younger ones. Surgeries may sometimes not be a solution for them due to prior health conditions. The good news is podiatry clinics, such as Foot Clinic London, offer effective fungal toenail treatment in London for patients of various ages.

Here podiatry specialists conduct due diligence with extreme care before selecting the most appropriate, safest and effective course of treatment. Contact us today for the safest and best fungal toenail treatment for your ageing parents.

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