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Nail Fungus Can Affect Many People

fungal nail infection treatment London

If you need any sort of podiatry in London, look no further than Harley Medical Foot and Nail Clinic, at 46, Harley Street, W1. We are expert doctors at treating any sort of problem that you may have with your feet.

We do often get asked the difference between podiatry in London and chiropody, so let’s clear that up quickly. They are simply different names for the same thing. In the UK we used to use the term “chiropodist” while in the US and other countries they used “podiatrist”. We have now started to use “podiatrist” and “chiropodist” interchangeably.

One issue that many people suffer from is fungal nails, and for this we can provide fungal nail treatment in London.

Fungal nail infection, or onychomycosis, is very common and can result in the nail becoming discoloured and turning white, yellow, green, or black. It may become thickened or distorted and be difficult to clip. It can also become brittle and break or tear. In addition, it may become tender when touched, or when rubbing against socks or shoes.

In fact, fungal spores are floating about in the air all the time, and such an infection is nothing to be ashamed about. The fungi love warm and damp conditions, and as such, the spores are happy to find a home between your nail and the skin underneath where they will feed off the skin or the keratin in the nail.

Two Types Of Fungi

There are two types of fungi which can cause nail problems, one being Candida, which is the fungus that causes thrush, and the other, and more common one, is Dermatophyte, which causes athlete’s foot.

There are a number of possible treatments for fungal nail infections, one of which is the use of anti-fungal creams or paints. These are applied directly to the nail but may take several months to work. It is also possible to take anti-fungal tablets, but this again takes several months and there can be side effects. The nail could also be removed using a local anaesthetic.

However, at our Harley Street Clinic, we use a laser for fungal nail treatment in London. Lasers have many uses in medicine today, such as being used to treat kidney stones, for instance, but we use them in order to deal with nail fungus. Our high energy laser will kill the fungus over a few sessions, and then you will be free of it once more.

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