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Matrixectomy: A Safe Nail Removal Surgery in London

Ingrown nails are painful but curable. Most patients need partial or complete avulsions. But what happens when none of these methods works? In that case, the best and safest nail removal surgery in London is matrixectomy.

What is Matrixectomy?

Matrixectomy is an ingrown nail removal procedure where the nail matrix or base is removed along with the affected nail. It can be done surgically or by applying chemicals such as sodium hydroxide. It is a quick nail removal surgery in London and usually takes after 10 to 15 minutes. Podiatrists use safe anaesthesia to make the procedure pain-free. A successful matrixectomy will relieve discomfort and prevent the curled nail from growing again. There are two types of matrixectomy- complete and partial.

Is Matrixectomy an Effective Solution for Ingrown Nails?

Ingrown nails can cause excruciating pain. But most people try to cut the nail and heal this problem at home. Only expert podiatrists can cure these nails. Therefore, do not try and cut the nail at home, which can aggravate the issue.

Matrixectomy is an effective and permanent solution for painful ingrown nails. It removes the part of the nail sticking under the nail bed. Hence it cures the problem from the base and prevents the nail from growing.

How to Recover After a Matrixectomy Procedure?

Recovering from matrixectomy is not tricky. But how fast and how well you heal depends on post-operation care. Following the doctor's guidelines and living a healthy lifestyle can shorten healing.

The podiatrist will clean the area and bandage it right after the procedure. Once the effect of anaesthesia wears off after six to twenty-four hours, you will notice some pain, redness and bleeding. But there is nothing to worry about.

It takes two to four weeks to heal completely after matrixectomy. Until then, you must keep the area clean and apply any doctor-recommended ointments. You must also change the dressing as and when required. In the case of a partial matrixectomy, a narrow section of the nail will grow back. But in a complete matrixectomy, the nail will not grow back even after full recovery.

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