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Managing Diabetic Risks With Private Ingrown Toenail Surgery in London

Diabetes generally aggravates other complications, such as ingrown toenails. In fact, in terms of podiatry, there are major risks for patients suffering from an ingrown toenail. In this aspect, a private ingrown toenail surgery in London can help recover exceptionally.

Diabetic complications linked to ingrown toenails

As the term suggests, the edges of an ingrown toenail invade the skin next to them. It generally happens when a patient’s feet sweat a lot, and there is a visible lack of hygiene. It also happens when an individual uses tight shoes, causing the toes to cram. Sometimes, nail injury and infection also lead to such podiatric complications.

Diabetes can worsen this condition if not taken care of. Diabetic patients with poor blood supply in the lower extremities are more prone to an invasive toenail infection. They also suffer from reduced immunity. Overall, it results in a slower response toward an invasive infection in the toes. If proper medical care is not sought, it may even lead to gangrene formation. In chronic cases, toes might have to be amputated to restore the overall health of a patient.

How do you tackle ingrown toenails and diabetes?

Here is how a patient can recover with the assistance of an experienced podiatrist.

1. Proper podiatric treatment

Experienced podiatrists consider the diabetic complications a patient is suffering from while diagnosing an ingrown toenail. A proper examination will result in an understanding of the current stage of the ingrown toenail. Based on the outcomes of an examination, the expert chiropodist will design a treatment plan. The patient must abide by the plan for proper recovery.

2. Lifestyle changes

Consider lowering the HbA1C and blood sugar levels with proper medications and lifestyle changes. Seek consultation regarding choosing the right footwear and sweat-absorbing socks. Avoid walking barefoot and maintain proper foot hygiene. Monitor any changes or bad odours in the toenails and feet skin. Trim the nails of other toes to avoid progression on other parts.

How can an ingrown toenail surgery help?

A private ingrown toenail surgery in London is the best decision you can make if you’re from the city. At Foot Clinic London, we assess the condition and plan a podiatric treatment to help you recover faster. We also educate the patients and their caregivers regarding hygiene practices they should follow. So, why wait? Get in touch with our expert chiropodist at The Harley Street Foot and Nail Clinic today for proper consultation and toenail recovery.


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