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Lunula Laser and Diabetic Patients: Safe and Effective?

Diabetes can often cause nail health issues, such as an increased risk of fungal infections with delayed healing times. Traditional treatments for nail fungus for diabetic people may be less successful or have adverse effects. This is where the Lunula laser, a non-invasive and FDA-approved therapy, plays an important role. Lunula Laser in London is one of the mostly used by most podiatrist clinics for this reason. Not sure if this works if you are diabetic? Continue reading to learn more.

What makes Lunula Laser safe for Diabetic patients?

1. How Lunula Laser Works

Lunula lasers are a painless solution for treating nail fungal infections as they use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) without generating heat. The laser targets fungal cells and encourages healthy nail growth by integrating multiple wavelengths. Its dual-wavelength strategy guarantees pathogen annihilation while concurrently enhancing immune response and blood flow in the treated region. Therefore, our company also considers Lunula Laser as a suitable option for diabetic people.

2. Efficacy in Diabetic Patients

Studies have indicated that Lunula laser therapy is effective in diabetic patients. The laser treatment addresses fungal infections as well as improves general nail health. This is especially important for diabetics, who may have circulation difficulties and delayed healing as the laser increases blood flow. Regular sessions can induce drastic changes, with many patients reporting cleaner, healthier nails after around 3 months of treatment.

3. Safety for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes patients' top priority with any treatment is safety, given their frequently weakened immune systems and slower healing rates. This makes Lunula Laser in London a common and popular method to treat nail fungus. The non-thermal mechanism of the Lunula laser eliminates the possibility of burns or thermal harm, which is helpful for diabetic people. Furthermore, because the treatment is non-invasive, there is a lower chance of infection than with more intrusive methods. This makes the treatment free from any side effects or adverse skin issues.

The Harley Street Foot and Nail Clinic delivers Lunula Laser treatments with a post-care plan and package along with advice. Lunula laser therapy is an efficient and safe treatment option for diabetic patients with nail fungus, as it avoids several issues. We make sure that your toes look healthier through the Lunula Laser treatment. However, diabetic patients should contact our doctor before beginning any new treatment to ensure it is compatible with their individual health plans.

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