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How To Recover From A Toenail Removal?

Everyone loves clean, well-maintained hands and toes, but sometimes you can get a foul fungal nail infection if careless. It is usually caused due to an overgrowth of fungi. However, they are curable with proper treatment and medication. Be it a fungal infection or an ingrown toenail, sometimes a toenail removal surgery is the only line of treatment. Although the process is fairly simple and takes about twenty minutes, post-surgery pain can affect your lifestyle. So how can you recover quickly with minimum hassle?

Tips for recovering from a toenail removal:

Toenail removal can be a painful surgery. Although patients can return to their normal lives within 48 hours, you must be careful not to agitate the area post-surgery. Here are some tips that can fasten the recovery process.

  • After the surgery, you may have to wear a band-aid that limits your mobility.However, do not remove it until advised otherwise by the doctor.

  • You may also experience a throbbing pain after the removal. Ensure that you take your medicines on time, and consult the doctor if the pain increases. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen should be able to keep the pain in check.

  • Keep your feet elevated at most times, and avoid extensive movement or activities.

  • To fasten the healing process, soak your feet in lukewarm water for twenty minutes twice every day. Consult with your doctor, and you can also add Epsom salt. These salts have several benefits, such as reducing swelling, muscle aches and stress.

  • After soaking the feet, dry them well, and apply topical ointment on the surgery area. Make sure to cover it with a clean bandage.

  • You may have to visit the doctor to clean the procedure area to prevent infections.

After you have healed completely, there are a few points you must follow to avoid ingrown nails or fungal infections, such:

  1. Cleaning your feet

  2. Avoid damp areas

  3. Wearing proper shoes

  4. Cutting and filing your nails properly

Final words:

It is essential to consult podiatry experts if you suffer from ingrown toenails or fungal nail infections. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications. Additionally, for diabetic patients, it becomes a recurring problem. Get in touch with our podiatry doctors and experts at Foot Clinic London to book a consultation and find the appropriate remedy for fungal nail treatment.

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