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How Does a Podiatrist Help Athletes?

Spring is just around the corner, bringing welcome warmth and sunshine. As the weather improves, so do the conditions for walking, jogging and a range of outdoor sports. No matter how you like keeping active outdoors, it’s hard to underplay the importance of your feet to your well-being and free movement

Podiatry in London is of crucial importance to anyone that has ever suffered a foot or ankle injury. In this post, we’ll take a look at how podiatry in London helps athletes.

What is Sports Podiatry?

First of all, let’s define what podiatry is all about. Podiatrists are doctors who concern themselves with foot and ankle and related injuries. A sports podiatrist furthermore specialises in solving problems and treating athletes. Some also participate in research.

Whilst much of a sports podiatrist's work is limited to the foot and ankle, they may occasionally solve issues related to the kinetic chain as high as the neck. For example, podiatrists may perform surgeries, screen the foot, and manage injuries through manual therapies and the correct prescriptions.

Whenever it hits the ground, the foot is subject to a lot of force that travels both through bones and connective tissue. Suppose someone moves in a less than optimal way when running or walking. In that case, these forces can exert more pressure than necessary and lead to strain and injury. Foot injuries are subsequently common in a range of sports, including football, basketball, jogging and sprinting, dancing, and many more.

Foot Assessment and Screening

Podiatrists can help athletes by screening and assessing their feet for injuries. This exam is comprehensive and can take some time, requiring quantification and testing. Athletes especially might seek private podiatrists in London with private practices, where they will have the time to carefully evaluate the problem.

Shoe Evaluation

A podiatrist can advise athletes about the correct type of shoe for them. Footwear is vital during sports as they impact how athletes move and where pressure collects when they put weight onto their feet. Not all feet respond the same way to specific types of shoes. A podiatrist can evaluate the wear of an athlete’s shoe and see how the wearer interacts with it.

The main objective is comfort. Podiatrists can recommend footwear that will avoid blisters or a high top.

Training and Performance Consulting

Sports podiatrists can help educate athletes and consult them for their training. Some are experts in biomechanics and can help professional athletes increase performance. However, most podiatrists have to have excellent general knowledge about foot health and conditions and are better equipped to deal with common problems like ingrown toenails, staph infections, or how to recover foot comfort and support after exertion.

Rehabilitation for Injuries

And finally, Podiatrists help athletes by setting them down the path of recovery after an injury. For example, they can evaluate which orthopaedics or physical therapy methods might be the most successful and which prescriptions will be needed to best manage your recovery.

Podiatrists can also advise athletes when it’s time to get back out there and continue their training and when they should better rest some more and take it easy.

Looking for reliable podiatrists in London? Visit our website to learn more about our practice’s areas of expertise and book an appointment today.

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