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Get the Best Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in London

Nowadays, fungal nail infections are not very rare. They are hardly severe either, but if neglected, they might take a long time to heal. We have explained below the Laser Fungal Nail Treatments in London.

Nail Infections

Now fungal nail infections can happen on both toenails and fingernails. They sometimes start at the edge of the nail and spread to the middle of the nail, thus making the nail discoloured and sometimes thicker in parts. Due to the spread of the infections, the nails become fragile and soon break off. Sometimes the infection spreads so much that the whole nail lifts off. The unprotected region can cause pain and swelling.

Lunula Laser

The novel lunula laser is a highly efficient therapy against discoloured and disfigured toenails associated with onychomycosis or nail fungus. This treatment clears microbes from the nail area and helps regenerate the tissue so that clear nails can grow and attach to the live nail bed. This treatment causes no pain and is convenient for enjoying clear nails again. It’s ideal not just for fungal nail infections but also for any nail damage.

Lunula Treatment

At each appointment, the foot or hand is placed into the device and receives one treatment cycle. Each treatment cycle lasts for 12 minutes. Since it uses low-power settings, it’s not harmful to you. Unlike treatment with other lasers, no heat will be felt. Some people might feel mild sensations from pins and needles as blood vessels dilate.

Other Treatments

Other treatments include nail surgery and systemic antifungal treatment and test. An ingrown toenail surgery involves the use of local anaesthesia. The most common surgeries for ingrown toenails are:

Wedge resection: the doctor removes a portion of the toenail which was previously digging into the skin.

Toenail removal: this procedure is also called complete toenail avulsion.

Surgery on the tip of the toe: if the other surgeries prove unsuitable for a person, the doctor may remove and reshape the soft tissue at the tip of the toe.

Matrixectomy: This procedure is necessary if nail removal or wedge resection fails. In this process, in addition to the mail, the nail bed will also have to be removed.

Ours is the only centre in the UK with a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nutritionists, podiatrists, and podiatry assistants. Contact us today to get your nail infections treated.

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