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Fungal Toenails: What To Do?

It would be lovely if we could all sail through life without ever getting ill or having any issues with our bodies, but unfortunately, we are human. Things can go wrong. We can get colds. We can get other viruses. We can break an arm. And we can have issues with our feet, too.

Fungal Toenails

Actually, our feet are probably the parts of our body that we pay the least attention to, and yet they actually take the most punishment. For instance, if you work in a retail store you are on your feet the whole day. You may then have to come home and cook dinner – on your feet. Take the dog for a walk – on your feet. Put the kids to bed – on your feet. The poor things hardly ever get a break.

Did you know that 25% of the bones in your body are in your feet? Or that the average person will walk the equivalent of four times around the earth - 100,000 miles – during a lifetime?

It is hardly surprising then, that things can sometimes go wrong with your feet, and that is why we are here at Harley Street Foot And Nail Clinic to provide chiropody in London and look after you when you have issues with your feet.

Fungal Nails

Our chiropody in London services cover everything that can go wrong with your feet, and one of these is fungal nail treatment in London. Fungal nail infection is, in fact, quite common, and can affect anybody at some time in their life. Fungal spores are everywhere, and all they need are the right conditions to affect you. Fungal nail infection is normally not serious, but fungal nail treatment in London can be difficult.

Symptoms can be the nail becoming thick and distorted, or it could be brittle. The nail may be discoloured – turning white, black, yellow, or green. It may also be tender and sore, rubbing against socks or shoes.

There can be a number of different treatments for fungal nails, such as anti-fungal creams or paints. Antifungal tablets can be taken, but these can have side effects. Both these measures will take several months to work. The nail could also be completely removed.

However, we are proud to be able to offer a laser treatment for fungal nails. This uses a high-energy laser that will kill the fungus over several sessions and solve the problem much more quickly.

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