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Foot Problems? You Need To See A Chiropodist

Chiropodist London

Your feet are, in one sense, the most important part of your body. They allow you to stand. They allow you to walk. They allow you to run. You can jump up and down on them. You can stand on tiptoe to reach something high up, perhaps on a shelf.

If you are a driver, you need to use your feet to push the right pedals at the time they are needed. Your feet can help you swim. You may work in a retail store in which case you will need to stand on your feet all day long.

And yet, important as they are, most of us never give our feet a second thought. People even suffer with issues with their feet and toenails and do nothing about them for years. They can have ingrowing toenails, which can be very painful if they are left to grow. They can suffer from infections and nail fungus. You can also suffer foot pain from arthritis and bursitis. In addition, people can suffer from sweaty and smelly feet, itchy feet, blisters, dry skin, nail psoriasis, and more.

All These Can Be Addressed By Chiropody In London

All of these issues can be addressed by chiropody in London. Marion Yau leads the award-winning podiatry team at The Harley Street Foot & Nail Clinic. Just to avoid any confusion there is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist. They are the same thing. However, in the UK and Ireland we use the term chiropodist whereas in the US and wider world the term used is podiatrist. This is gradually becoming more widely used in the UK today as well.

No matter which term you use, Marion Yau and her team of professionals can help you with chiropody in London for any type of foot issue, so there is no need to suffer in silence. Between them they have solved the issues of nail infections and ingrowing toenails for around 3,000 patients and counting.

What is surprising is just how many patients have suffered with these problems for so many years. If you look at some of the treatment results on our website where we have asked patients how they came to have the problem, and how long they have had it for, the answers come back from three years to - in one case – 50 years!

So, if you are one of the many patients who suffer from foot problems, don’t hesitate. Make an appointment to see Marion Yau.

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