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Different Types Of Fungal Nail Infection Treatment In London

Nail infections can be painful and lead to unpleasant consequences. They usually occur due to fungal growth within the nail and can be caused due to different reasons. They are curable, especially when discovered in the early stages. However, neglecting it can lead to recurring infections and delayed healing.

But do not worry, because there are efficient specialists in podiatry in London who can find you the perfect remedy. So what are the remedies for fungal nail infection treatment, and which one should you opt for? This article will answer all your questions.

If you are suffering from a fungal nail infection, then here are different remedies you can try based on your preferences.

  1. Topical ointment: It is a common mode of treating a fungal nail infection and is best suited for minor cases. However, it is a time-consuming process, and the treatment can go on for months. Additionally, the efficacy can also be low in a few cases.

  2. Oral medication: It is another way to treat fungal-infected nails. However, not everybody can use this method as it may have some side effects. People with chronic diseases should always consult their doctors before consuming medicines. Additionally, if more than one nail is infected only, then you should consider consuming anti-fungal pills.

  3. Medicated nail paints: It is certainly an off-beat idea but can still be used. If you want to look stylish, hide the infected nail and heal it, then this one's for you. Although, it is a very slow process and has to be done for almost a year to get the desired results.

  4. Surgeries: In case the infection gets out of hand, you have to opt for nail removal surgery. Doctors surgically removed the infected nail and put an end to fungi regrowth. However, it is a long process and will need sufficient recovery time.

  5. Laser treatment: It is a fairly new method of treating fungal nail infections. It does not take much time and has almost zero side effects. Laser treatment keeps your nail intact and eradicates the infection in a few sessions. It also acts as a permanent and painless solution to fungal nail infections.

All these methods have their pros and cons. To identify which one suits you the best, visit experts of podiatry in London for the most suitable treatment.

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