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Demystifying Myths About Fungal Toenail

Like many people, you may also make the mistake of over-sighting fungal toenail infections. Unfortunately, it can take a nasty turn if you do not take immediate fungal toenail treatment in London. In this case, awareness is critical. This article bursts a few common myths about fungal toenail infections.

Fungal Toenail Treatment London

Wearing Nail Polish Will Hide the Infected Nail

Fungal toenail infections are surely embarrassing. But rather than hiding them under nail paint, you must consult the doctor. Nail paints contain chemicals and do not allow the nail to breathe. The fungus can further eat away the nail. However, there are some medicated nail paints, and these should only be used after consulting a doctor.

Cutting the Nail too Short Will Cure it

Another common mistake many people make is to cut the nail too short. But it causes more pain and trauma to the nail. It also exposes the nail bed, and it becomes prone to infections.

The Fungal Toenail Will fix Itself

The biggest mistake you can make is ignoring a fungal toenail and leaving it unattended. Fungal toenails do heal themselves. You need to consult a podiatrist and seek proper fungal toenail treatment in London. There are several ways of medically curing an infected toenail.

Fungal Toenails are not Contagious

Believe it or not, fungal toenail infections are contagious. Contrary to popular belief, the fungus can spread from nail to nail, skin to nail, and person to person. If you or someone you know is undergoing fungal toenail treatment, it is best not to share personal items like shoes, socks, or pedicure kits until completely healed.

Fungal Toenails are Only a Summer Problem

Fungal toenails are not just a summer problem when the temperatures are high and your feet sweat 24/7. Fungal toenail infections can happen anytime during the year. Sweaty shoes and damp locker rooms are breeding grounds for fungus. So if your feet go close to either of these, you can get a fungal toenail infection anytime. In winter, you wear socks, tights and closed boots, which keep your feet warm. Sweaty environments like these are ideal for fungal growth.

Consult the Best Podiatrist at Foot Clinic London:

Are you seeking a permanent and affordable solution for fungal toenail infections or ingrown nails? At Foot Clinic London, we offer comprehensive services under the care of podiatry experts. We also provide toenail surgery in London. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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