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Common Complications In Case Of An Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Updated: Mar 11

Ingrown toenails are painful, and in some cases, you may need surgery to heal. It is a routine procedure, and expert podiatrists can handle it smoothly. However, like all other surgeries, this too can give rise to some complications. Now there is nothing to worry about. Before ingrown toenail surgery, you must know about a few complications and possible remedies.

What are the most common complications of ingrown toenail:

  1. Infections: Unfortunately, post-operation infections are not uncommon. Due to the open wound, pathogens and bacteria can enter the body. To avoid these, you must cover the area with clean bandages, apply ointment after washing hands, and clean the wound twice or thrice during the day. In case of an infection, contact your doctor immediately.

  2. Allergies: After the surgery, the doctor will prescribe pain medicines for relief and overall healing. Although you may be unaware, there are a few medicines that can cause allergies. If you experience uneasiness or discomfort after taking the prescribed drugs, immediately inform the doctor and change them.

  3. Anaesthesia complications: During ingrown toenail surgery, you will undergo local anaesthesia. Reaction to the local anaesthetic is rare, but people occasionally react to it. It almost causes the toe to become paralyzed for some time. However, it is not worrisome. It cures within a few hours, and you feel better soon.

  4. Deformity: Toenail deformity is a legit concern of many patients. After the surgery, the toenail may not regrow again. Even if it regenerates, the nail may not reach its previous length.

  5. Recurring ingrown toenail: One ingrown nail surgery does not ensure that you will not need the surgery in future. Some patients have a genetic predisposition causing ingrown toenails multiple times. Additionally, if you are careless and stick to your old habits, you can develop ingrown toenails.

These complications can sound intimidating. However, surgeries are inevitable if the ingrown toenail refuses to heal despite continuous treatment. Surgeries can help you lead a pain-free life.

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