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Can Pregnancy Cause Fungal Nail Infection?

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding journey. However, the road to the most precious feeling in the world is often bumpy. An expecting mother suffers from various physical ailments caused and aggravated by the pregnancy. Fungal toenail infection is one such condition. Although several over-the-counter medicines and ointments are available in the market, it is advisable to avoid self-medication during pregnancy. Some expert podiatrists offer advanced treatment for fungal nail infections in London.

Why are fungal nail infections common in pregnant women?

Fungal nail infection is caused by the pathogen dermatophytes. An intact immune system can fight the infection, and with added medication, you heal faster. However, during pregnancy, the immune system is not stable. Therefore, if the expecting mother comes in contact with the fungus, she has a high risk of getting infected.

There are three primary reasons why pregnant women are prone to fungal nail infections:

  1. They have a weak, stressed and unstable immune system.

  2. During this phase, women undergo several hormonal changes.

  3. Many would-be mothers suffer from gestational diabetes. Diabetes of any kind makes the patient vulnerable to infections and slows down the healing process.

How can would-be mothers protect themselves from fungal nail infections?

Pregnant women have to take some precautionary measures to avoid catching an infection. Here are five tips they can follow:

  1. Would-be mothers should avoid stepping out barefoot. They must keep their feet covered at all times.

  2. They should also avoid using public restrooms, locker rooms or pools. Damp areas are breeding grounds for fungus. If you are using public facilities, wear clean flip-flops.

  3. They must maintain good foot hygiene and wash their feet often, especially sweaty ones. Expecting mothers should not wear dirty socks or closed-toed shoes. Make sure there is enough air circulation within the footwear.

  4. Wearing open-toed comfortable shoes can prevent the risk of fungal toenail infection.

  5. Pregnant women should not share nail kits, socks, shoes and towels with any other family member.

The Safest Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections in London For Expecting Mothers:

Would-be mothers can try our podiatry clinic, Foot Clinic London, to get the best treatment for fungal nail infections in London. We boast of expert doctors and podiatrists who take special care of expecting mothers and perform thorough due diligence before selecting the most appropriate, safest and effective course of treatment. Get in touch with us today for the best results.

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