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Aftercare Tips To Follow Post A Private Ingrown Toenail Surgery In London

You are familiar with the pain if you got a medical procedure done for your ingrown toenail. While there are over-the-counter medications that can help you heal faster, here are some expert tips to speed the recovery after a private ingrown toenail surgery in London:

10 Tips For Ensuring Speedy Recovery Post-Toenail Surgery

  1. Limit your activities for the first few days, and do not strain your feet.

  2. While sitting, keep your leg straight and elevated using cushions, chairs, etc.

  3. Soak the foot in warm water to dry the wound faster. You can also add medicated liquids or Epsom salts after consulting the doctor.

  4. Use an antibiotic ointment on the wound at least twice daily or as prescribed by the doctor,

  5. Wear comfortable shoes which are not too tight or too loose.

  6. It is advised to wear open-toed shoes and sandals for the first two weeks, so there is no contact with the wound.

  7. The wound should always be dry, except when bathing or cleaning the injury.

  8. Keep the bandage on until the wound heals completely. Exposing the wound can further infect it, leading to complications.

  9. Only go back to running, jogging, or heavy exercises once the doctor gives a green signal.

  10. Do not pick at the wound.

Following these ten tips, you can ensure a speedy recovery. Besides providing private ingrown toenail surgeries, foot clinics also offer treatment for fungal nail infections in London. Here are five kinds of remedies you can expect to receive based on severity:

5 Remedies for Toenail Infection

  • Topical ointments are the most common and simplest ones. They are ideal for minor infections.

  • The next is prescribed oral medications. However, it can have some side effects, especially on those with chronic diseases.

  • Medicated nail paints are a unique approach to healing the fungal infection while concealing it and looking trendy.

  • Like private ingrown toenail surgery in London, fungal nail infections can also be remedied through surgeries. These medical procedures are performed only when the condition is advanced.

  • Laser treatment is a new, pain-free method of treating fungal nail infections. It takes less time, has no side effects and is a permanent solution. Unlike traditional surgeries, laser treatment keeps your nail intact and cures the infection in a few sessions.

Wrapping up:

It is essential to consult podiatry experts if the pain from ingrown toenails or fungal nail infections persists. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications.

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