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4 Early Signs You Need Fungal Nail Treatment in London

Most often, your body will send you signals that something is wrong or needs your attention. Your job is to notice those signs and take immediate action to address the issue. Fungal nail infection is a common problem with many, and it can cause excruciating pain if left untreated. But how can you treat fungal nail infection before it is too late? Here are four ways your body tells you may have a fungal nail infection. Please do not ignore them!

  1. Nail discolouration: It is one of the first signs of a fungal nail infection. Healthy nails are usually pale pink. So, if you notice that your nail is changing colours, looks discoloured or turns yellow, black or brown, it may be due to a fungal infection. It is more than a cosmetic issue. The fungus may be growing on the nail bed. It will also affect the adjacent nails.

  2. Stinky feet: The next telltale will be your feet's foul odour. Fungi thrive in warm and moist environments. Therefore, every time you take off your shoes or socks and get an obnoxious whip, it may be due to fungal growth. Personal hygiene also plays an important role in this case. Persistent foul odour from the feet is a sign of a fungal infection.

  3. Changing nail thickness: The third sign will be the changing thickness of the nail. A growing fungal infection will alter the nail's thickness, making it too thick or too thin and fragile. Brittle nails will chip and break easily, causing nail and sometimes blood loss. At this stage, the fungus is deeply embedded in the nail bed, and it is distorting the nail's structure.

  4. Excruciating pain: Although initially fungal nail infections are painless or uncomfortable, as they keep growing, the final sign is regular, agonising pain in the affected nail. You will feel pain during normal activities like wearing shoes, walking or running. At this stage, you need to seek immediate medical attention for the fungus-infected nail.

Ignoring these signs can lead to recurring infection and chronic pain, and you will lose lot of money on constant treatment. The best way to stop these is to seek expert care and fungal nail treatment in London from podiatry experts. Foot Clinic London offers a wide range of services for curing a fungal nail infection without hampering the nail's aesthetics. Contact and book an appointment today!

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