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At the Harley Street Clinic, we recommend the treatment that is best for you. We combined treatment to provide the best results for you. Our packages are recommended according to our patient's medical history and severity of infection. Get in touch to know more about wart treatment



The Harley Medical Foot, Hand and Nail Laser Clinic London is a well established centre of medical excellence. Located in Harley Street) Harley Medical Foot and Hand Clinic and Nail Laser Clinic London  Our Podiatrists  are well trained  specialist with extensive experience in the fight against fungal nail, ingrown toenails and fungal skin and wart infection of the HAND AND FEET ONLY.


If you’re serious in taking control of your infection on your hand and feet then our team will be happy to take the first step with you. 


Treatment options for wart infections includes the following:

Cryotherapy -The use of  extreme cold to destroy wart cells and cause a immune response


Acupuncture- needling a wart to create a immune response to destroy the wart


Caustic treatments - used of acid to destroy the wart


Debridement - a part of conservative treatment  - removing section of the wart


Laser treatment - use high energy and heat to destroy the viral wart.



Nuritional Therapy - diet change to boost immunity


Homeopathy - Marigold therapy, plant base used to destroy the wart



All treatment may need to be conducted several times for treatment to be effective.


Risk of the following treatments includes: Scarring, infection, pain before and after treatment and recurrance. 

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