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With over 13 years working in medicine and treating athlete foot. Marion Yau has created a  medical foot care system that dramatically improve the sight of athlete foot after a week. 

Her 1 month Athlete foot care kit will provide you with long term care. If you have been diagnosed with athlete foot or have fungal nail infection with dry, itchy, shiny skin. You made have fungal skin infection.  Once purchase, Podiatrist Marion Yau will provide you with a telephone consultation on how to use the products for 20 minutes. (Her consultation are usually charged £99)
Athlete foot kit includes
Marion Yau recommended medications x 4 
Marion Yau's Foot and Shoe Spray
Marion Yau's Medi Kit, Foot file with 5 grits and nail care set 
Marion Yau's Nail Polish x 2
90% of Marion Yau's client see improvement after just 1 week. 

Marion Yau Foot care system

Enriched Nail Polishes
M.Y Health Enriched Nail Polis
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