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Why Is Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Better Than Other Methods?

People are often scared to use laser treatments presuming that the rays used can be harmful to them. However, this concept is a complete myth. With advanced technology, laser treatments are widely used for various purposes. In the field of Podiatry, Laser treatments have proved to be a boon. Harley Street is the laser fungal nail treatment London clinic that practises Chiropody under celebrity nail surgeon Marion Yau. Our Chiropody clinic has seen improvements in patients under immediate effect.

What Are The Hot And Cold Laser Treatment Options?

Our laser fungal nail treatment London clinic uses both hot and cold laser treatment:

  • The cold laser treatment is known as Lunula treatment, in which two beams are targeted toward the infected area simultaneously, which kills the fungus-infected cells and helps the body destroy the infection. The beams used in Lunula laser treatment do not generate any heat, and the entire process is painless. There is no downtime to this treatment, and it does not affect people with multiple other diseases.

  • The hot laser treatment is known as Podilase treatment, in which a laser beam is targeted towards the affected area, which penetrates through the nail and generates heat under the nail plate, thus killing the fungus-infected cells. The healthy cells are not damaged, and this process, too, is entirely painless. You shall only feel a warm sensation in your nail. There is no downtime in this process, too, and people with other diseases can freely access this treatment as well.

What Is Done In Fungal Nail Surgery?

Sometimes just a laser fungal nail treatment is not enough. In case of recurrence of a fungal nail, Podiatrists prescribe nail surgery. Our nail surgery clinic in London works with experienced practitioners, Podiatrists, and nail surgeons in order to provide each patient with the best solution for their cases. The Podiatrist shall numb the nail before operating. You will be awake throughout the procedure but will not feel any pain. After numbing the nail, the Podiatrist shall remove the entire nail or just the infected area as per need be using sanitised equipment.

Why Should You Choose Laser Fungal Nail Treatment In London?

The Harley Street foot and nail clinic is the only place that uses state-of-the-art painless laser technology in the UK and has a multidisciplinary team of Podiatrists, doctors, nutritionists, and Podiatry assistants. We provide one-on-one consultation for the patients in order to deal with any concerns of the patients. Do contact us to get a consultation.

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