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What to Expect from Toenail Removal Surgery in London

Updated: Mar 5

There are no single criteria that indicate when toenail removal in London is required. Here are some clear signs that suggest it's time to consider the procedure:


●     Chronic discomfort, pain, and swelling around the nail

●     Repeated infections of skin next to nail that has not resolved with other treatments

●     Thickened, misshapen nails that make wearing shoes uncomfortable or painful

●     Loose nails that have separated from the nail bed

●     Debris trapped under the nail that will not come out


The best approach depends on the individual case. We'll thoroughly assess your nails during an initial appointment and discuss which technique may be most suitable.

What To Expect During a Toenail Removal Visit

Before the procedure:

●     Thorough cleaning of the foot and toenails 

●     Administration of local anaesthetic to completely numb the removal area 

●     Final confirmation of removal approach

During the procedure:

●     For partial removal, conservative trimming of overlapped nail edge(s)

●     For full removal, surgical excision of some or all of the nail using sterile tools

●     For chemical destruction, the application of sodium hydroxide to the problem area

After the procedure: 

●     Bandaging of toe(s) with gauze, foam pads, tape

●     Review of at-home care instructions

●     Explanation of the expected healing timeline

●     Scheduling follow-up appointment 


The visit takes approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the extent of removal conducted.

Recovering after Nail Removal Surgery

Healing times can vary significantly:


●     Bandages stay on for days, changed daily

●     Keep feet elevated when possible for the first 2 days

●     Over-the-counter pain medication helps relieve discomfort

●     Stitches are removed after a few weeks

●     A temporary nail substitute may be placed after a few weeks

●     Full nail regrowth takes 3-6 months on average


Avoid soaking feet during the first month of healing. Follow any other instructions provided for cleaning the area and watch closely for signs of complications. Some postoperative antibiotic ointment may be prescribed.

Potential Complications

While rare, possible issues after toenail removal in London include:


●     Bleeding that is difficult to control

●     Infection of the nail bed 

●     Permanent nail deformity or change in shape

●     Recurrence of problematic nail edge(s)

●     Temporary numbness/tenderness around the toe


Call the office if you experience uncontrolled bleeding, increasing pain, pus, foul odours, warmth or red streaks around the nail.


Our London foot clinic has specialised in nail disorders and removals for years. We're ready when you are.


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