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What are Some Common Toenail Injuries in Athletes?

Athletes undergo intense training and rigorous practice sessions to bring the medals home. However, they often suffer from severe physical wounds, including toenail injuries. From ingrown toenails to subungual hematoma, our players have to endure it all. Nail surgery in London offers a safe and secure remedy for all such injuries and ensures a strong comeback. This article explores some of the common toenail injuries among athletes.

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Acute Paronychia

Paronychia is a typical condition in athletes marked by inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail. It is typically caused by infection. But the non-infectious causes are ingrown nails, foreign objects, and prolonged exposure to moisture. It happens due to wearing tight-fitting footwear, trauma, and excessive sweating. Some of the symptoms of acute paronychia are redness, swelling, pain, and pus formation in the affected area. Nail surgery in London can cure severe paronychia. Antibiotics can have long-term side effects. To avoid those, athletes prefer surgical treatment.

Nail Bed Lacerations

Nail bed lacerations can occur due to sharp or blunt trauma to the finger. These injuries are common in team sports or contact sports such as soccer and football, where a player wearing cleats steps on another player's finger and adds pressure. Most of the time, the player has to undergo nail removal surgery in this case.

Subungual Hematoma

Repetitive trauma or acute injuries causes a subungual hematoma. In this case, blood accumulates beneath the nail plate. This type of injury is common among runners, often resulting from ill-fitting shoes, uneven terrain, or lower extremity oedema. All these reasons exert immense pressure on the nail and cause severe pain. Nail bed avulsion is a standard course of treatment for subungual hematoma.

Ingrown Nail

Ingrown nail is a frequent occurrence in athletes, where the corner of the toenail cuts into the soft flesh. It usually affects the big toe, resulting in pain, inflamed skin, swelling, and sometimes an infection. Nail surgeries can cure this injury.

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