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Three Types Of Nail Removal Surgery

Are you suffering from a fungal nail infection or an ingrown toenail? Getting surgery may be the only line of treatment at your disposal. Well, there is nothing to worry about since nail removal surgery in London is a routine procedure. But finalising the surgery date, do you know what kind of operation you need? Here are three types of surgeries to choose from depending on your condition.

Also known as complete nail plate avulsion, during a toenail removal, the doctors can remove the entire toenail. It can cause deformed nails, and the risk of future ingrown ones remains. Removed nails can take up to 18 months to regrow fully.

Types of avulsions:

  1. Partial avulsions: In this surgery, only a part of the nail is removed. It is usually indicated for ingrown toenails. A local anaesthetic is injected into the toe. The surgeon operates the ingrown portion of the nail with surgical scissors. During this procedure, they are careful not to injure the nail bed (the skin underneath the nail plate). In this case, the recovery period is three to four months, within which the excised portion of the nail grows back.

  2. Complete avulsions: If the nail is entirely affected by fungal infection or the ingrown nail cannot be cured, doctors opt for complete avulsions. Here the entire nail is surgically removed. Doctors ensure that there is as little trauma as possible. However, after the surgery, there can be complications, such as nail deformity. The nail may take up to eight to twelve months to grow and not reach its previous length.

  3. Matrixectomy: If the partial resection or nail removal methods fail, podiatrists opt for matrixectomy. Here the nail and nail bed are both removed. The doctors use a chemical agent such as sodium hydroxide to perform this procedure.

Whatever the nature of the surgery, how fast and how well you heal depends on post-operation care. Following the doctor's guidelines and living a healthy lifestyle can shorten the recovery period.

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Remember, an untreated ingrown toenail can lead to severe troubles like excruciating pain, swelling, difficulty walking and running, etc. Do not neglect it and opt for toenail removal surgery. Say goodbye to fungal nail infections with laser fungal nail treatment from a top chiropody clinic.


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