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Surprising Benefits of Lunula Laser Treatment for Toenails

New research studies demonstrated that nearly 89% of the individuals who received Lunula Laser treatment in London showed signs of getting healthy and clear nails within six months. The growth of the nail was approximately 6.1mm. This was one of the most successful results that this treatment has shown compared to the other antifungal or oral medications which was only shown to be successful by 50%.

Lunula Laser Treatment- An Overview

Lunala Laser procedure is a type of straightforward,non-invasive and painless treatment responsible for the removal of toenail fungus. It involves the usage of a revolutionary low-level laser to remove toenail fungus or onychomycosis. At the beginning of the treatment, the patients will be asked to insert their infected toe inside a self-operated machine. The machine is then activated. The duration of the Lunula Laser in London is about 12 minutes. This is a good option for everyone.

Benefits of Lunula Laser Treatment

Below are some of its benefits answered for you.

  • No Side Effects

Unlike traditional treatments like oral medication or topical ointments, Lunula Laser treatment has no known side effects. This is because it does not involve using harmful chemicals or drugs, making it a safe and natural alternative.

  • Quicker Results

This type of laser treatment not only removes the fungus on your toenail but completely eliminates it from reappearing again. After the final treatment, you will be able to have a set of nails that are completely healthy and even more clear.

  • Fast and Pain-free

The treatment is quick and painless, taking just 12 minutes per foot. You won't experience discomfort or downtime so you can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

  • Improved Nail Appearance

Finally, it improves the appearance of your toenails by reducing the thickness and discolouration of the nails. They make your nails look healthy and normal. Moreover, you will be able to witness this in just a couple of weeks.

Get Healthy and Attractive Nails Today!

If you are tired of hiding your feet or feeling self-conscious about your toenail fungus, consider getting Lunula Laser treatment at Harley Street Foot Clinic London. They use the latest technology and techniques for safe, effective patient treatment. It also provides long-lasting results to enjoy clear, healthy nails year-round. Visit their clinic's website today to learn about Lunula Laser treatment and book your appointment with their highly trained podiatrists who specialise in treating toenail fungus.

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