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Private Ingrown Toenail Surgery in London for Children

An ingrown toenail is a common condition among adults. But did you know children also suffer from ingrown toenails, which can cause excruciating pain if unnoticed? Untreated ingrown toenails in children can cause deformities in the future. To heal, they need gentle care that can be achieved through private ingrown toenail surgery in London. This article highlights the concern of ingrown toenails in children and how to cure them.

 private ingrown toenail surgery in London.

What can Cause Ingrown Toenails in Children?

An ingrown toenail can affect any finger, but it is usually the big toe.

When your child learns to walk, it is normal for them to stub their feet on the furniture. Frequently hurting the toe can cause ingrown nails. Moreover, wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes, excessive pressure on the toe or trimming nails too short can be potential reasons for ingrown nails.

How to Know if Your Child has an Ingrown Toenail?

Unlike adults, children often cannot vocalise a problem or state their pain points. Hence, an ingrown toenail can go unnoticed. As the nail cuts into the nail bed, your child will cry a lot due to the pain. But it is not a clear indication. Check for ingrown nails if you see your toddler limping as they walk or run. Sometimes the child will try to avoid walking because of the pain. Children can also pull on their feet or toe, which can signify discomfort.

What is the Cure for Ingrown Toenails in Children?

Many parents think that an ingrown nail will heal itself. Unfortunately, the answer is no. To cure the nail completely, seeking medical advice is vital. Sometimes it can be treated with ointments, and other times the child may need surgery. Private ingrown toenail surgery in London is a safe procedure where doctors use local anaesthesia, and it is made painless and comfortable. After the surgery, the doctor can prescribe an ointment and anti-biotics course to stop recurring infections and speed up the healing.

Get Expert Podiatry Consultation at Foot Clinic London:

It is essential to consult podiatry experts if the pain from ingrown toenails or fungal nail infections persists. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications. Toenail removal in London offers a safe and secure resolution to podiatry concerns for your little one. Contact our podiatry doctors and experts at Foot Clinic London to book a consultation and find the appropriate remedy at affordable rates.

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