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No More Nail Trouble- Expert Nail Surgery in Caring Hands

Our clinic specialises in performing nail surgery in London to treat common and complex nail conditions. Led by an experienced nail surgeon who has treated nearly 3000 very satisfied patients, we provide personalised care using advanced medical techniques.

Nail Surgery

Benefits of Getting Nail Surgery in London:

  • We only focus on nail health, providing dedicated expertise compared to general clinics. 

  • We utilise modern tools and equipment to ensure maximum precision resulting in better outcomes.

  • Each patient undergoes customised assessments to create treatment plans addressing their condition and needs.

  • We assist patients throughout their recovery providing follow-ups, pain management and any required post-op treatment.

  • Our clinic is easily accessible through public transit being centrally situated within London for the convenience of patients.

Why People Get Nail Surgery: 

Ingrown Toenails Removal 

Ingrown nails affecting daily life are surgically removed to provide relief and prevent recurrence through specialised removal techniques.

Painful Thickened Nails Treatment 

We trim and thin out distorted, uncomfortable thick nails allowing patients to wear shoes normally again.

Correction of Deformed Toenails

Abnormally curved, distorted nails are straightened for aesthetic appeal and comfort through expert reconstruction procedures.

Removal of Discolored Nails 

We excise and extract the darkened portion of nails to reveal healthier nails using specialised surgical instruments. 

Common Concerns about Nail Surgery:

Infection Risks

We minimise infection risks during procedures using sterile equipment and post-op antibiotics if required during recovery.

Recurrence Fears 

Our surgeons are trained to remove ingrown sections fully and correct underlying causes through realignment to prevent repeat ingrown toenails. 

Procedure Pain 

Local anesthesia is administered keeping patients comfortable throughout. Post-op pain is managed through medication for the first few days during healing.

The Step-by-Step Process:

Initial Consultation 

The surgeon examines your nails and discusses issues, treatment options, and pricing to meet your needs.

Pre-Procedure Preparation 

An appointment date is set to work around your schedule. Instructions are provided to prepare for nail surgery in London through health checks.

The Nail Surgery 

On the day of surgery, the treatment area is numbed using local anaesthetic injections keeping you pain-free.

Closure and Recovery

The nail is dressed, and post-op advice is discussed before being safely discharged to heal comfortably at home. Follow-ups monitor recovery progress. 


Contact us today to book an initial consultation. Our knowledgeable team will be able to answer your questions and discuss treatment options to fix your nail issues.

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