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Is Nail Surgery Right for You? Discover the Benefits in London

There are a few different types of nail surgery in London, including:

Nail Avulsion

They involve removing the entire nail, both temporarily or permanently. It's usually recommended for severe nail injury, recurring ingrowns, or super stubborn fungal infections.

Nail Ablation

Less intense than full avulsion, ablation just destroys or burns away the nail matrix (roots) to prevent future nail regrowth in that area. A godsend for areas prone to ingrowing nails.

Wedge Resection

Here, a pie-shaped wedge of the nail is removed where it's digging into the skin. The remaining nail is left intact to continue growing normally.


So in a nutshell - nail surgery = hitting reset on nasty nail problems! Mind-blowing stuff, we know.

Who's a Good Candidate?

While nail surgery may seem a little extreme, it can be a relief for the right candidates, such as:


- Those with chronic, recurring ingrown toenails that keep coming back

- People whose toenail fungus keeps persisting despite proper treatment

- Individuals with nail deformities or injuries that make nails grow abnormally

- Seniors, diabetics, or anyone with poor circulation/healing who can't fight infections


Follow-Up Care

Quality clinics provide thorough post-op monitoring and follow-up appointments to ensure successful healing and catch any potential complications.

Pain Management

Fear not - surgeons use effective local anesthesia and aftercare pain meds, so you can remain comfortable throughout the process.

Cosmetic Finesse

For those seeking improved nail appearance, surgeons in London are skilled at precise techniques to create smooth, natural-looking nails.


When it comes to nail surgery, you want it done right by qualified pros.


Imagine never having to deal with that same ingrown ever again. Or finally getting rid of those thick, brittle, discoloured nails that ruin all your gorgeous pedicures.


While nail surgery requires some temporary downtime and post-op care, the results can seriously be life-changing!


No more soaking, trimming, debriding, and fighting with useless ointments every day. Just smooth, healthy nails that look and feel amazing without all the constant hassle.


So don't rule it out, especially if you've already tried every other conservative treatment offered up and down. Why continue living with constant nail pain and misery? A quick, safe nail surgery in London could quickly get you back on track.


Those happy, pain-free feet could make it all worth it! Weigh your options, talk to our doctor, and get ready to show off those permanently polished toes!

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