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Ignoring An Ingrown Toenail? It's Time For Private Ingrown Toenail Surgery In London!

Updated: Mar 5

Why are you here? Are you suffering from an ingrown toenail or just asking for a friend? Whatever it may be, you are at the right place. Ingrown nails can lead to excruciating pain, and in extreme cases, you will need to remove them surgically. However, many people do not pay much heed unless things get out of hand. Are you one of them? Here is what happens when you ignore an ingrown toenail.

Six Consequences Of Untreated Ingrown Toenail:

  1. Infection in the bone: The ingrown toenail infection can infect the bone in the toe.

  2. Further troubles: It can lead to foot ulcers and open sores.

  3. Reduced blood flow: The blood flow in your toes can get slower due to the infection.

  4. Tissue decay: If the ingrown nail is left untreated for a long time, the surrounding tissues can be affected, resulting in tissue decay and death.

  5. Fatal consequences for diabetic patients: You must be aware that diabetes is a troublesome disease. Diabetic patients can take forever to heal minute cuts and wounds. An ingrown toenail can prove to be fatal for them. Despite receiving the best private ingrown toenail surgery in London, healing can be a long and painful process for such patients. In case you or your loved one has diabetes and has an ingrown toenail, immediately consult a doctor for a remedy.

  6. Poor quality of life: Ingrown toenail infection can drastically lower the quality of your daily life. The pain and infection will keep you bound to a doctor's clinic, and you will have trouble performing everyday tasks like walking, jogging or running.

There is only one remedy for an unattended ingrown toenail: toenail surgery. You must also follow the aftercare tips given by your doctor to ensure a speedy recovery.

In the end:

It is essential to consult podiatry experts if the pain from ingrown toenails or fungal nail infections persists. Getting timely help and medical opinion can save you from further complications. Additionally, some patients have a genetic predisposition to an ingrown toenail. In such cases, it becomes a recurring problem. Private ingrown toenail surgery offers safe and secure resolution to toenail infections. Get in touch with our podiatry doctors and experts at Foot Clinic London to book a consultation and find the appropriate remedy at affordable rates.

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