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Here is why Lunula Laser Treatments is a Better Option than Medications

Lunula laser in London goes beyond surface-level treatments by directly targeting the cuticle and nail matrix regions where nails originate and grow

How Nail Conditions Are Treated

This innovative laser can improve and restore several unsightly or uncomfortable nail conditions. It works for:


●     Toenail fungus (onychomycosis)

●     Yellow, brittle nails

●     Discolored or dark nails

●     Cracked, warped nails

●     Damaged nails from injury or infection

The Benefits of Choosing Lunula Laser

Compared to oral medications or ongoing topical applications, lunula laser therapy offers many advantages:


●     No pain or downtime – treatments take just minutes!

●     Noticeable improvement after just 2-3 sessions

●     Over 80% clearance of fungus/bacteria according to studies

●     Boosts the growth of healthy, clear nails

●     No risk of liver damage or drug interactions

●     Safe for people with diabetes or other conditions

●     Avoid side effects like rashes from creams

Lunula Laser vs Medications for Nail Fungus

Many patients have tried topical creams, oral anti-fungal pills, or other products before considering laser therapy. While some of these options show varying degrees of success, they have notable downsides compared to our lunula laser process.

Medication Limitations:

●     Topical requires lengthy commitment (9 to 12+ months)

●     Oral medications have the risk of liver damage & interactions

●     Medications address symptoms, and laser treats the underlying cause

●     Low efficacy rates, high recurrence likelihood

●     Surface applications can’t penetrate the nail bed

The Lunula Laser Difference:

●     Painless, safe, easy treatments

●     No lab work is needed to monitor organ function

●     Significantly higher success in clearing infection

●     Boosts growth of healthy nails long-term

●     Kills fungi and bacteria inside the nail & cuticle

●     No worrying about drug absorption issues

●     Avoid side effects like skin irritation


With better efficacy and the bonus of not having lingering medication in your system, lunula laser in London is an excellent alternative for stubborn nail fungus or discolouration light energy is precise and direct-acting compared to oral or topical options.


We hope this gives you a better overview explaining the value of lasers for resolving stubborn nail fungus and discolouration problems. Our London-based clinic has proudly helped hundreds restore confidence in their hands and feet through this innovative treatment that not enough people know about. We welcome you to reach out and schedule a consultation!

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