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Everything You Wanted to Know about Nail Surgery in London

Sometimes people are compelled to visit a podiatrist to remove parts of an ingrown nail or any damaged toenail. The procedure is painful, but if done by an expert, it does not hurt much. Nail surgery in London done by the experts of The Foot and Nail Clinic involves less pain as they numb the toe by applying local anaesthesia. After surgically removing the nails, the podiatrists apply a chemical on the nail bed to prevent regrowth.

Here is a guide to pre-surgery preparation, surgery, and all the to-dos you need to follow post-surgery.

Pre-surgery routine:

To ensure a successful surgery, you must follow the instructions as suggested by your podiatrist-

  • Take a light shower

  • Have light food

  • Clean up all the varnish on your nails

  • Don’t consume alcohol.

  • Carry comfortable footwear to wear after surgery

  • Bring a companion with you to the clinic.

What to expect on the surgery day?

  • Just before the surgery, you need to sign a consent form. After that, your toenail(s) will become anaesthetised from two sides. You will lose sense in those toes after a few minutes.

  • During the surgery, the podiatrists often use a tourniquet. This way, they can prevent bleeding during surgery.

  • Then make a tiny cut at the base of the toe skin.

  • In the next step, they remove the ingrown or damaged toenail, followed by careful dressing.

  • Lastly, the podiatrists will add chemicals like phenol to ensure the nail does not regrow with infection.

The entire surgery process takes around one hour.

There are minimal side effects of advanced nail surgery in London

Some patients become unconscious, feel short of breath, their heart rate slows down, blood pressure falls, or shakiness is observed during the surgery. However, none of these side effects is fatal. After the surgery, when the effect of anaesthesia is gone, you might experience throbbing pain in the toe. Sometimes bleeding and swelling may occur, and in rare cases, allergic reactions may happen.

Post-surgery care

It is essential to take proper care of your feet after the surgery. You must always keep the feet protected and rest them on a soft pillow and be extra careful about keeping the dressing dry. Before dressing, you should use a skin cleanser with antimicrobial properties.

For treatment of fungal nail infections in London or other nail-related problems, contact Foot Clinic London today!


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