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Everything You Must Know About Lunula Laser in London

Fungal nail infections or onychomycosis can get nasty very quickly. Moreover, they are extremely painful, and you can even need surgery. If it is not severe, ointments, topical medicines, and medicated nail paints can cure the fungal nail. But intense and recurring infections need a more permanent resolution. Thanks to Lunula Laser in London, now you can enjoy a pain-free and long-term solution.

What is Lunula Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments for fungal nail infections have been around for several years. But as technology has advanced, so has medical equipment. The Lunula laser is one such example of modern laser therapy. It is a non-thermal and FDA-approved laser treatment that can offer immediate relief to those suffering from onychomy­cosis. Doctors believe this laser treatment is revolutionary and opens new avenues for onychomycosis.

How does Lunula Laser Work?

The Lunula laser delivers a combination of two wavelengths of light simultaneously to the surface of your feet. Unlike other lasers, Lunula's red and blue light does not emit heat. Therefore it is not painful.

The laser also activates the white blood cells in the body and charges them to fight against fungicides. In addition, laser energy also promotes blood circulation. Hence it cleans the infection and helps the healthy nail grow back soon. Initially, you will need four weekly sessions, for 12 minutes each, to get the full results.

Benefits of Lunula laser in London:

Lunula laser is a modern and excellent treatment for fungal nail infections. Some of its benefits include:

● There is no need for anaesthesia.

● You will need no downtime.

● It is pain-free, and there is no blood loss.

● There are no side effects of Lunula laser treatment.

● It is a safe and permanent solution for fungal nail infections.

● Besides the infected toe, the Lunula laser also treats the other four toes. Therefore it reduces the chances of infection in other fingers and cleans them.

● After the treatment, a clear nail will regrow within six months.

● It does not compromise the aesthetics of the toe.

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