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Dealing with Ingrown Toenails: Your Guide to Toenail Surgery

Updated: Mar 5

Common causes include:

● Improperly trimmed nails

● Heredity

● Poor foot structure

● Improperly fitted shoes or socks


Common signs and symptoms of an ingrown toenail include:

● Pain and tenderness along the nail edge

● Redness, swelling around the nail

● Pus drainage from infection

● Difficulty walking

Benefits of Professional Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Seeing a specialist for ingrown nail treatment has significant advantages:


● It removes the problematic parts of the nail along with adjoining soft tissue

● Prevents the condition from recurring

● Allows swift healing of infection and inflammation

● Restores normal appearance and function

● It gets you back on your feet comfortably

● Surgery is the best way to deal with chronic, serious cases.

Understanding Your Private Surgery Options

There are a few common procedures, either done alone or in combination:

Nail Edge Trimming (Wedge Resection)

Removes sliver of nail plus adjoining tissue pressing into the skin

Performed under local anaesthesia

Low-risk and minimally invasive

Partial Nail Removal (Phenolization)

Takes out the section of nail growing incorrectly

Phenol chemical cauterises nail bed to prevent regrowth

Typically an outpatient procedure with a local anesthetic

Complete Nail Removal (Matrixectomy)

Extracts the entire nail

Phenol or laser destroys nail matrix to stop recurrence

Highest success rate but longer healing time

An experienced podiatrist will recommend the best approach based on your unique situation.

Why Choose London for Private Surgery?

Getting private ingrown toenail surgery in London offers many advantages:


● Access to premier private podiatric clinics with specialised surgeons

● State-of-the-art facilities using the latest techniques and technology

● Treatment from leading industry experts who write textbooks and training programs

● Swift appointment times and personalised care

● Minimal wait times for surgery dates

● Comprehensive aftercare guidance

You get world-class medical care on your schedule, without bureaucracy and delays.

Our Award-Winning London Podiatry Clinic

When you require private ingrown toenail surgery in London, consider our award-winning clinic.

Unmatched Experience

Our podiatric team has:


● Treated nearly 3000 delighted ingrown nail patients

● BSc in Podiatric Medicine, MSc in Podiatry, MSc in Health Research

● A wealth of experience dealing with complex cases

● Specialise in nail infections, fungus treatment, damaged nails, and trauma recovery

Patients show noticeable improvements after their first session. We also collaborate with GPs, nutritionists, and renowned nail experts.


To learn more about our award-winning ingrown nail treatments or book a consultation, contact us today online or by calling us. Find relief once and for all!


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