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Lunula Laser For Effective Fungal Toenail Treatment In London

The Lunula laser in London is a boon from the world of technology to the medical industry. It has made toenail fungal infection treatment significantly more manageable and more effective. Unlike before, a person suffering from fungal infection in the toenails no longer has to undergo any painful scraping method. All they have to do is visit a podiatry centre offering advanced treatments, like- The Foot and Nail Clinic in London. If you are suffering from any foot problems and want to know about this latest technology, here is an overview for you-

How does Lunula laser work?

In this process, Lunula uses laser energy of low frequency and wavelength. The laser then attacks the fungus on the toenail directly. The healthy tissues around the affected area do not get damaged in any way. You will not feel any pain or sense anything different.

The process takes several sessions at weeks or months intervals. The interval depends on how severe the infection is. Each session takes about 12-25 minutes.

What are the other treatment processes?

There were two traditional methods before the Lunula laser treatment came into being- topical cream and oral antifungal medications.

Topical creams work on the fungus directly, but to ensure the cream reaches the exact spot of infection, you may need to file down your nail.

Oral medicines kill the fungus from the inside. However, there are chances of side effects.

Why is Lunula laser beneficial?

The technique of fungal toenail treatment in London using the Lunula laser is beneficial for various reasons.

  • It is a non-invasive treatment procedure.

  • There are no side effects.

  • The process is less time-consuming than traditional methods.

  • Blood circulation in the feet improves, facilitating new nail growth.

  • With increased blood supply, oxygen delivery to the affected area also increases. A better cell renewal process follows.

  • You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

What are the post-treatment procedures?

You do not have to follow any specific medication or diet. However, buying new socks is always recommended. At least you must wash the old ones in hot water before using them. Also, before wearing shoes, you must use antifungal sprays on your feet. Thus you can eliminate reinfection possibilities.

Book an appointment for fungal toenail treatment in London with us and bid goodbye to all your foot-related worries.

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